Sale ASKO 60cm 4 Zone Induction Cooktop HI1611G

ASKO 60cm 4 Zone Induction Cooktop HI1611G

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ASKO 60cm 4 Zone Induction Cooktop HI1611G

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Model: HI1611G
IPN: 715505
Brand: ASKO
Colour: Black
Manufacturer's Warranty: 5 Year
Cooktop Fuel:Electric
Cooktop Type:Induction

60cm 4 Zone Induction Cooktop by ASKO

The ASKO HI1611G 60cm 4-zone Induction Cooktop is designed to improve efficiency and output without taking up valuable space, allowing you to prepare meals in a cooler, convenient and contemporary kitchen.

Cooktop functions are easily accessed via the illuminated panel using touch-sensitive fingertip control. The HI1611G Induction Cooktop hotplates are configured for familiarity, although the capacity for increasing and improving culinary output is immense. The 60cm induction cooktop fits seamlessly within the benchtop, leaving nowhere for crumbs or spills to hide, while the sleek black ceramic glass surface is incredibly durable yet simple to clean.

Only highly magnetic materials respond to magnetic induction, so the remainder of the cooktop surface remains safe to touch. Even other metals, (unless highly magnetic) won’t heat up if left on the cooking zone. The ASKO HI1611G 60cm 4-zone Induction Cooktop is introducing a new generation of chefs to enhanced cooking performance, versatility and results.

When you turn on your ASKO HI1611G Induction Cooktop, the electric current generates a magnetic field (without heat) that is attracted to special induction cookware. With induction cooking, the pot is the source of the heat rather than the element. As there is minimal energy loss during transfer, heat goes directly to the cooking vessel. A pot of water on an induction cooktop will come to a boil in almost half the time it would take using a traditional gas stove.

This model is perfect for people who require the familiarity of classic cooktop design coupled with the enhanced potential induction heating provides. Alternatively, the HI1611G Cooktop can sit proudly on its own island benchtop, providing additional cooking output in larger contemporary kitchens.

60cm 4-zone Induction Cooktop include:

  • Highly illuminated fingertip-control panel and icons
  • Black ceramic glass finish for easy cleaning and showroom appeal
  • Child safety features, overheating switch and central switch-off
  • Booster on all zones, pause function, instant heat control


  • SliderTouch, control at your fingertips
  • Surface material: Black ceramic glass
  • Booster on all zones
  • Pause function


  • Child safe control panel
  • Central switch off
  • Overheating switch off

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Technical Information
Nominal current 32 amp
Frequency 50-60 Hz
Hob type Induction hob
Available colour Black
Cooktop Type Induction
Cooktop Fuel Type Electric
Cooktop Material Ceramic glass
Dimensions of the product (W×H×D) 60 × 5.6 × 52 cm
Weight packaging 2.1 kg
Gross weight 12.1 kg
Warranty 5 Year
Zone Performance
Cooking zones 4 Induction heating zones 
Left front Ø 20,5 cm, 2,3/3 kW, 110 mm (Min pot size to be detected),
Right front Ø 16,5 cm, 1,2/1,4 kW, 110 mm (Min pot size to be detected), 
Left back 2 dimension round 16,5/20 cm, 1,2/1,4 kW, 145 mm (Min pot size to be detected), 
Right back Ø 20,5 cm, 2,3/3 kW, 145 mm (Min pot size to be detected)

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