Sale Beko 60cm Electric Upright Cooker - White BFC60VMW1

Beko 60cm Electric Upright Cooker - White BFC60VMW1


Beko 60cm Electric Upright Cooker - White BFC60VMW1

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5 year manufacturer's warranty 10 year motor & Compressor warranty

Model: BFC60VMW1
IPN: 716115
Brand: Beko
Colour: White
Manufacturer's Warranty: 5 Years (2 years + 3 years by registration)
Oven Features:Standard
Oven Fuel Type:Electric
Oven Type:Freestanding
Volume:81 Litres

Beko 60cm Electric Upright Cooker - White

Durable, practical and built with a range of handy features that make cooking a breeze, Beko's BFC60VMW1 60mm Upright Electric Cooker may be just what you've been looking for. With a large 81L oven capacity and 4 induction cooking zone you have the flexibility to cook and prepare a number of meals at once. Multidimensional cooking technology ensures even heat distribution throughout the oven while the flexible telescopic shelving and easy to remove side racks allow for easy and safe access to your food.


Grease-absorbing Walls

Scrubbing the oven with strong cleaning products is nobody’s idea of fun. Catalytic liners on your oven’s back and/or side walls use clever science to absorb cooking grease and reduce food odours. So, you can save that elbow-grease for something a little more enjoyable.

Clear View Of What's Happening Inside

Want to see how your cooking is going but don’t want to open the door and lose the heat inside? Halogen Illumination helps you see all your oven’s cavity, so you can keep an eye on your culinary creations with the door firmly shut.

Safe & Easy-pull-out Tray

If you find yourself struggling to get that heavy dish out of the oven, Telescopic Shelves will make your life easier. Its runner system lets you pull the shelf all the way out (or 2/3 of it, for partial Telescopic version) of the oven while supporting your dish. It’s flexible too, so you can position it at any level in the cavity.

Durable Oven Door

Built to perform, the door hinges have a sleek yet strong and durable design. Due to the solidity of the hinges, the door can carry a load as heavy as 22.5 kg, which is over 20% more than standard oven doors. That means you can place your fully loaded trays on the door without any concerns.

Flexible Telescopic Shelving System

The extendable arms of the telescopic pull-out shelf system enables easy and safe access to the oven contents.

Key Lock

Stop any would-be-junior-chefs from getting into trouble in the kitchen with the Key Lock Function from Beko. It locks the Cooktop, so stray fingers can’t get into trouble.

Multidimensional Cooking

Multidimensional cooking is the new generation of professional cooking technology that activates all heating elements on a multidimensional level. The upper, lower, and fan heating elements - combined with the fan - all work simultaneously to provide even heat and temperature distribution.

Catalytic Panels

The catalytic panel mounted on the back or side walls of the oven cavity absorbs grease and reduces odours during cooking, making it easier to clean the oven without the need for heavy-duty cleansers.

Easy to Remove Side Racks

To make cleaning of cooker interior easier, the side racks can be simply detached without the need for a special tool.


  • 81L Oven Capacity
  • 4 Vitroceramic Cooking Zones
  • 8 Cooking Functions
  • Durable Oven Door
  • Flexible Telescopic Shelving System
  • Key Lock
  • Multidimensional Cooking
  • Catalytic Panels
  • Easy Removable Side Racks
  • White Finish

Cooktop Zones

  • Cooktop Type: 4 Vitroceramic
  • Rear left zone: 1.2 kW (Ø140mm)
  • Rear right zone: 1.7 kW (Ø180mm)
  • Front left zone: 0.7/1.7 kW (Ø120/Ø180 mm) Duo
  • Front right zone: 1.2 kW (Ø140mm)


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Model BFC60VMW1
Size 60CM
Width 600
Height 900
Depth 600
Oven feature Multifunctional Cooking
Gross volume 81 Litres
Cavity volume 72Litres
Multidimensional cooking Yes
Cooling fan Yes
Max. temperature 270°C
Total power consumption 8.2 kW
Colour White
Interior lighting 1 x Round (rear)
Layers of door glass 3
Inner door type Full Glass (removable)
Removable side racks 5 Levels
Telescopic pull-out shelf system 1 Level Fully Extendable
Storage compartment at bottom Metal Drawer
Splashback Yes
Key Lock Yes
Catalytic liner on back wall Yes
Catalytic liner on side walls Yes
Cooktop Type 4 Vitroceramic
Rear left zone 1.2 kW (Ø140mm)
Rear right zone 1.2 kW (Ø180mm)
Front left zone 0.7/1.7 kW (Ø120/Ø180 mm) Duo
Front right zone 1.2 kW (Ø140mm)
Number of functions 8
Cooking functions Conventional Cooking, Fan Assisted Cooking, Bottom Heating, Fan Heating, Electric Grill, Low Grill with Fan, Defrost Function for Oven, 3D Cooking
Cooking tray (standard) 1
Cooking tray (deep) 1
Tray Rack 1
Wire Rack for Side Racks 2
Weight 55Kg
Warranty 5 Years (2 years + 3 years by registration)

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