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A new range of Portofino cookers from SMEG has arrived. SMEG Portofino Oven in Kitchen

What’s new is not just the usual SMEG quality but the range of colours which draw their inspiration from the famous Ligurian town of Portofino.  With these new cookers, you get the opportunity to bring some vibrant and smart colours to your kitchen - the heart of your home. 

The town of Portofino is a jewel set among olive groves, sparkling in the stunning cove of the Gulf of Tigullio. The village is a destination for high society, many come looking to soak in the beauty and authenticity. The main draw of Portofino is the amazing vibrant colours and smells - its synergy with the surrounding trees and sparkling sea.

Portofino Colours

The colours of the Portofino cookers from SMEG is drawn from these spectacular colours, surrounded by the land, sea and sky. 
Green, Italian red, yellow, orange, anthracite grey, black and white are the colours chosen to reflect the heart of our homes, where family memories are shared and created.

Choosing a Portofino cooker is not just about the sparkling and lively impact that will make in your kitchen.  

With these strong design features, it makes a great product choice as well:

  • Innovative 126 litre Oven
  • Isothermic Proof maxi-cavity Oven
  • Oven cavity with rounded corners and smooth, uniform walls
  • Maximum possible insulation
  • Best energy performance on the market
  • Class A+ rated Cooker
  • Reduction of up to 50% in preheating times compared to a traditional oven.
  • 3 Fan Oven
  • Upgraded Fan motors to increase and refine cooking performance.
  • Uniform Oven temperature, allowing you to cook evenly on all three levels
  • Large and intuitive LCD display 
  • 20 automatic cooking programs
  • Soft Close Oven Door function
  • Large glass viewing window
  • Side positioning of powerful oven lights
  • Two lamps in multifunction oven
  • Four in pyrolytic version

Portofino cookers are available in Multifunction version with vapor clean function and multifunction pyrolytic with gas hob and pyrolytic with induction hob.

Portofino gas hobs are fitted with solid full-size cast-iron grids 

The solid full-size cast-iron grids  cover the maximum usable space of the cooker

The hob grids cover the hob right to the edge of the cooker's profiles, allowing for perfect alignment with the cooker top when positioned in the slot-in solution. 

SMEG Portofino Oven Images

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