Falcon Nexus Steam 110cm Dual Fuel Range Cooker - Slate NEX110SODFSL/CH


Falcon Nexus Steam 110cm Dual Fuel Range Cooker - Slate NEX110SODFSL/CH

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IPN: 815772
Brand: Falcon
Colour: Slate and Crome
Manufacturer's Warranty: 5 Year Warranty (Parts and Labour)
Manufacturer's Warranty: 110cm
Oven Fuel:Duel Fuel
Oven Type:Multifunction
Type:Range Cooker

Falcon Nexus Steam 110cm Dual Fuel Range Cooker

Falcon’s Nexus Steam 110cm dual fuel range cooker features four cavities – a separate electric deluxe glide-out grill, multi function electric oven, steam oven and a bread proving drawer. The dedicated steam oven offers three functions: steam (including pre-programmed settings for the preparation of vegetables, fish and meat), a 1500W grill and a descale function. It also includes a multi fuel hob – 5 gas burners and 2 ceramic cooking zones with multizone griddle plate and wok cradle. There are no limits when it comes to steaming, roasting, baking, boiling, grilling and searing, with so many cooking zones.

Combining a wide variety of cooking functions in one single appliance, the new Nexus Steam range cooker from Falcon features a dedicated steam cavity, a first for the Australian range cooking market. The freestanding design gives you the chance to combine convenience with healthy cooking, retaining nutrients, vitamins and flavour thanks to the innovative injection steam cavity. Steam is highly sought after in today’s modern, multi function kitchens and with the new Nexus Steam, users will also have the benefit of oven roasting, batch baking and rapid cooking in one appliance. It can also grill, griddle, boil and simmer and it even comes with a dedicated proving drawer for dough. The new steam oven cavity also includes a temperature controlled, rapid heat up grilling function to finish or brown food to perfection.

The Ultimate Cooking Experience

Providing everything a home cook could want from a single appliance, the new NEXUS Steam range cooker from Falcon is a unique innovation for the range cooking market. As well as oven roasting, batch baking and rapid cooking, users can now benefit from a dedicated steam cavity that retains food’s vitamins, minerals, nutrients, texture and taste.

Nexus Steam_Dual Fuel_Black_With model preparing meat skewers and stir fry_TERMS OF USE EXPIRE SEPTEMBER 2021

Why Use Steam Cooking?

Steam is a great way to cook a vast array of foods from eggs to fish, meat to vegetables, puddings to cheesecakes. When steaming foods, superior nutrients, texture and flavour are retained. With precise temperature control it enables everything from defrosting at 40°C to sous vide cooking around 57-64 °C to full steam at 100°C. It is effortless to say the least – just pop the food in, set the time and temperature, then press play and relax while the steam cavity does the work.


Cooking With Steam

There are many benefits to cooking with steam. When reheating dishes, lost moisture is restored which makes it perfect for leftovers. Cooking with steam is healthier with no oil or fat required. Fresh natural colours of food become more vibrant with the gentle cooking process and moisture is retained. Steam can even be used to sterilise bottles and jars for preserving. Accurate control of the temperature between 57-64°C for sous vide cooking is also achieved.


Flexible Gas Deluxe Hotplate

Falcon’s spacious hob offers 5 gas burners and a multi-zone which allows you to choose between cooking directly on two ceramic 1.1kW zones or slot a durable non-stick griddle plate over the top to provide a healthy cooking surface the full depth of the cooktop. A multi-ring, large, medium (x2) and small gas burner offer flexibility when it comes to powerful, rapid, everyday and simmer style cooking.


Controllable Induction Hob

Alternatively, if you prefer the option of a fast, responsive and incredibly controllable hob, the Nexus Steam is also available to choose with an Induction hob featuring 5 cooking zones with a bridging zone. This means that zones A and B can be bridged, creating an area ideal for use with the hard wearing, light weight induction griddle supplied. It also includes three low temperature settings and a power boost setting for maximum power instantly

Nexus Steam Page Induction Hob

Intuitive Digital Touch Control Fascia

The brand new digital touch control fascia allows you to precisely control the steam cavity and multifunction oven to within a single degree for ultimate control and precision. The steam cavity ranges from 40°C which is great for defrosting to full steam at 100°C or alternatively for sous vide cooking around 57-64°C. The multifunction oven ranges from 40-260°C with the option to select every degree in between enabling food to be cooked accurately.


11 Multi Function Oven

The large capacity multi function oven offers 11 cooking functions to ensure your food is cooked to perfection. The 11 functions include a rapid heat up for when you are short on time, and 3 new range cooking functions: Duo, Delicate and Eco mode.

Nexus Steam Page Full Oven

Dedicated Bread Proving Drawer

Operated via a rotary control dial on the fascia panel, the drawer is the perfect environment for proving dough reaching a temperature of 40°C. Alternatively the drawer could be used to melt butter, rest meat, take the chill off plates ready for serving or simply used for storage provided no plastic items are placed in the drawer.

Bread Proving Drawer

Deluxe Glide-Out Grill

Offering half or full width grilling for energy saving and three heat settings; low, medium and high, the deluxe glide-out grill features a 4-way trivet which enables food to be grilled closer or further away from the elements for flexible cooking. The touch safe handle combined with the telescopic runners makes checking on food effortless and you can easily clean the trivet and grilling tray by popping them in the dishwasher.



Oven Light

Oven lights make it easy to view the what’s cooking, without opening the oven door. All Falcon 110cm and 100cm falcon cookers with double ovens feature two oven lights. 90cm double oven cookers feature one light (in the oven with the porthole). 90cm single oven cookers feature two oven lights.

Bread Proving Drawer

Located in the right drawer at the base of the cooker, the bread proving drawer has slots in the base to allow warm air at a preset temperature to flow through. Just one push of a button and the drawer begins to heat ready for your dough. Ideal for all types of yeast dough, whether fresh or dry yeast, from gluten free to sour dough, sweet or savoury. How long your dough takes to prove will depend on the quantity and type of dough, so refer to your recipe for guidance. The bread proving drawer also doubles as storage space when not in use.

Slow Cook

All Falcon upright cookers offer the ability to slow cook. Temperatures can be set as low as 80°C which is great to slow cook casseroles and large joints of meat as well as to dry foods such as apples, pears and kiwi fruit. Falcon have a delicious slow cooked spiced lamb shoulder recipe which takes approximately 6 hours on 130°C. Slow cooking allows meats to cook more evenly (inside and out). It is imperative to use a temperature probe to check the internal temperature when cooking is nearing completion (desired internal temperature will depend on the meat) to ensure the meat is cooked sufficiently. NSW Food authority has a guide to safe internal cooking temperatures.

Brushed Chrome

Falcon’s NEXUS upright range cookers are finished with brushed chrome fittings including the rotary dials, buttons and handles.

Dual Fuel Cooker

Dual fuel means the upright range cooker has gas burners, electric oven/s and grill.


Falcon’s multi-zone means you can choose between cooking directly on two ceramic 1.1kW zones or slot a durable non-stick griddle plate over the top to provide a healthy cooking surface the full depth of the cooktop. Multi-zone cooktops feature additional gas burners.

Multi-Ring Wok Burner

Immensely powerful and controllable, the wok ring boasts a multi-ring burner, often used with a handy cast iron cradle to keep the wok safely in position.

Flame Safety Device

All dual fuel and gas Falcon models are fitted with Flame Safety Device (FSD). Flame Safety Devices are part of the gas burner system, and automatically shut off the fuel supply should the flame accidentally extinguish, therefore making the gas hob safer. The FSD will activate to prevent an unsafe build-up of unburnt gas.

LPG Convertible

All Falcon cookers featuring natural gas cooktops or ovens can be converted to LPG. At the time of placing an order for a Falcon cooker ensure you inform your sales person you wish the cooker to be converted to LPG and it is noted on your order form.

Cast Iron Pan Supports

All Falcon upright range cookers with a gas hob include cast iron pan supports which are strong, durable and easy to clean. The style of the cast iron pan support varies depending on the model. Selected models also feature a non-stick multi-zone griddle plate (pictured), traditional griddle plate or teppanyaki style griddle plate.

Underknob Ignition

For a simple and sleek design, each gas burner’s ignition is located under the corresponding control knob. This allows one-handed ignition and easy, intuitive use.

Rapid Response

Rapid response preheats the oven 30% faster than a fan oven, so you don’t waste time waiting for the temperature light to go out before you can get cooking. Our tests show that you can place chilled foods in the cold oven, select Rapid Response, and get the same results as starting with a preheated oven. This is an additional function and is not available in all ovens that offer multi-function cooking.

Fan Assisted

Fan assisted function is one of the cooking functions available in a Falcon multi-function oven. It uses the top and bottom oven elements alongside the fan. It creates different temperature zones – with the hottest being at the top; ideal for crisping and browning the top and bottom of dishes as well as cooking them through.

Base Heat

Base heat is one of the cooking functions available in a Falcon multi-function oven. It uses only the bottom element. Base heat can be used for slow, gentle cooking or when turned up to high for crisping up the base of dishes.

Conventional Oven

Conventional oven is one of the cooking functions available in a Falcon multi-function oven and a Falcon cooker than offers a traditional conventional oven. It is a traditional cooking method using top and bottom heat and zoned cooking. Much hotter at the top than the bottom. Ideal for traditional baking; e.g souffle.

Fan Oven

Fan oven is one of the cooking functions available in a Falcon multi-function oven and a Falcon oven that offers traditional fan oven. It uses an element at the back of the oven. The fan draws the air from the interior of the oven, heats it up and forces it back into the cavity. The heat within the oven is evenly distributed making it ideal for multi-level cooking (batch cooking or the cooking of different foods at the same temperature).


Defrost is one of the functions available in a Falcon multi-function oven. It uses the fan only – no heat. Cold air is drawn from the frozen food to speed up the defrosting process.

Fanned Grilling

Fanned grilling is one of the cooking functions available in a Falcon multi-function oven. It uses the top oven element in conjunction with the fan. Fan grilling provides a grilled effect without the need to turn the food. Grill with the door closed.

Side Opening Doors

Selected Falcon upright range cookers feature one or two side opening oven doors for your convenience. This allows easy access to the oven interior when cooking or cleaning.

Programmable Oven

All Falcon upright range cookers feature a programmable oven which means you can program the oven before you leave the house, to commence cooking and stop at a specific time. So on those busy days at work, or nights when you rush from school to sports, when you get home your meal will be ready to eat. For Falcon ovens with side opening doors it is the main left hand oven which is programmable. In both full capacity and ESP (energy saving panel) mode the oven can be programmed in the Professional+ FX & FXP 90cm cookers. The programmable ovens can also be set with a child lock, so that the oven is not operational. Clock and operational controls do vary depending on the model.

Catalytic Oven Liners

Catalytic self cleaning oven liners (the grey with white flecked liners pictured inside the oven on the wall) assist with the cleaning of the oven. When temperatures exceed 200°C, the catalytic self cleaning liners burn off fats and food deposits. Minimal residue can then be wiped with a lint free cloth and soapy water when necessary. Catalytic liners are on the sides of selected Falcon range cookers in the left hand oven. Check detailed product specifications for model specific information.


Falcon multi-function ovens offer up to eight functions for really flexible cooking. The ovens combine fan and conventional functions with grilling, base heat and browning elements, all of which can be used individually. Functions include fan assisted, fanned grilling, conventional oven, fan oven, browning element, defrost and base heat. Selected cookers also offer delicate, duo, ECO, grill and Rapid Response.

Storage Drawer – Half

Falcon 110cm cookers feature a half width storage drawer located under the right hand oven, for convenient storage of trays and dishes, leaving vital space in existing kitchen cabinetry.

Deluxe Glide-Out Grill

Falcon’s deluxe glide-out grill positioned on smooth telescopic runners, includes a four way grill trivet for multiple grilling level positions. The grill has two elements that allow either the whole area of the pan to be heated or just the right-hand half.

Wok Cradle

Cast iron wok cradles come as standard with selected Falcon upright cookers featuring gas burners. The wok cradle is the perfect accessory to secure a wok in place that has the traditional curved base.

Key Features

  • Bread proving drawer
  • Catalytic liners
  • Flame failure safety device
  • Multizone with griddle
  • Programmable clock
  • Storage drawer - half width
  • Telescopic runners - oven
  • Wok cradle

Oven functions

  • Conventional
  • Defrost
  • Duo heat
  • Fan oven
  • Fanned grilling
  • Fan assisted oven
  • Base heat
  • Rapid response
  • Delicate, Descale (steam oven)
  • ECO mode
  • Grill (steam oven)
  • Steam (steam oven)

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Product type Range cooker
Product range Nexus Steam
Fuel type Dual Fuel
Colours Black (BL), Ivory (IV), Slate (SL), Stainless Steel (SS)
Cooker Width 110cm
Style cooker Contemporary
Oven litres 79 (LH), 35 (RH)
Internal Oven Capacity (mm) - WxDxH 467 x 385 x 438 (LH), 420 x 387 x 215 (RH)
Oven type Multi function electric (LH), Steam oven (RH)
Oven door Side opening (LH), Drop down (RH)
Grill Separate electric deluxe glide-out grill (LH) & Built-in electric grill (RH)
Hob configuration 5 gas burners including multi ring burner & 2 ceramic zones
Fittings Brushed chrome (CH)
Made in UK
P&L warranty (Years) 5
Width (mm) 1092
Depth ex / inc handles (mm) 604 / 648
Height adjustable (mm) 905 - 930
Total MJ Rating 43.6
Rated Connected Load (AMPS) 31
Direct delivery Direct delivery of Falcon appliances is available free for those residing within eligible postcodes in metropolitan areas.

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