Sale Fisher & Paykel 60cm Pyrolytic Built-in Oven Companion Oven - OB60SL11DCPX1

Fisher & Paykel 60cm Pyrolytic Built-in Oven Companion Oven - OB60SL11DCPX1

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Fisher & Paykel 60cm Pyrolytic Built-in Oven Companion Oven - OB60SL11DCPX1


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Model: OB60SL11DCPX1
Brand: Fisher & Paykel
Colour: Black
Manufacturer's Warranty: 2 Year
Oven Features:Pyrolytic
Oven Fuel Type:Electric
Oven Type:Built-in Single

60cm Pyrolytic Built-in Oven Companion Oven by Fisher & Paykel

Designed to match Fisher & Paykel's Kitchen Companion Range of appliances, this oven is built for performance, with ActiveVent technology and an intuitive control system that allows for precise mode selection across 11 cooking functions. The generous 77 litre internal capacity fits 30 percent more than traditional European ovens and this model offers a pyrolytic self-cleaning function. Finished in black reflective glass with polished metal trim.


  • 60cm Built in Pyroltic Oven
  • 11 Functions
  • Audio Feedback
  • Automatic cooking/minute timer
  • Automatic pre-set temperatures
  • Capacitive touch controls
  • Celsius/Fahrenheit Temp Selection
  • Electronic clock
  • Halogen Interior lights
  • Illuminated Halo Dials
  • Precise Electronic temp control
  • Sabbath Mode
  • Acid resistant graphite enamel
  • Easy to remove inner door glass
  • Easy to remove oven door
  • Easy to remove shelf runners
  • Pyrolitic selfclean (standard & light cycles)
  • Grill 3200W
  • ActiveVent System
  • AeroTech™ Technology

What is ActiveVent Technology?

An oven's performance can't be measured by temperature and heat alone - moisture is a vitally important but often neglected factor in the cooking performance of your oven. If your oven holds too much moisture or too little, your gastronomic creation can quickly turn to disaster.

That's why this Built-in Oven features the unique ActiveVent system. Fisher & Paykel's ActiveVent system allows you to control the removal or retention of moisture from the baking or roasting environment to get the very best cooking results and energy consumption.

Pre-Set Oven Functions

The range features models with 11, nine or seven oven functions. The 11 and nine function models have pre-set temperatures that deliver just what you need to cook each dish to perfection, at the touch of a dial.

Sized to suit

Sized to fit the food you cook, Fisher & Paykel has one of the largest Built-in Ovens on the market, providing 90L total and 77L of usable capacity. The maximised height means you are able to fit a large casserole dish, the family roast and even a pie as well— true multi-shelf cooking. Two shelves can be fully utilised at the same time without hot spots or uneven browning. A 5.5kg turkey or other cut of meat can be deliciously cooked using the optional rotisserie kit.

Designed to Match

This 11 Function Pyrolytic Built-in oven is finished in black reflective glass and stainless steel that blends elegant, minimalist aesthetic with design for durability. The finish and handle matches the rest of Fisher & Paykel’s coordinated companion product family.

Easy Clean

Our pyrolytic self-cleaning models break down food residues at a very high temperature, leaving light ash that’s easily removed, while our catalytic models break down oil and fat splashes during normal cooking.


The 5.5kg capacity Rotisserie Kit option (nine and 11 Function models) ensures delicious roasts are browned evenly as the surface is continuously basted. Crafted from heavy gauge enamelled steel, the three-piece dish system includes a deep roasting dish, splatter tray and grill rack (model dependent).


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AMP draw 15.5A
Supply voltage 220V
Oven functions  
Oven functions 11
Classic Bake
Fan Bake
Fan Forced
Fan Grill
Pastry Bake
Pyrolytic Self-Clean
Vent Bake
ActiveVent™ system
AeroTech™ technology
Automatic rapid pre-heat
Grill 3200W
Acid resistant graphite enamel
Pyrolytic Self-Clean standard and light cycles
Removable oven door/inner glass
Removable oven door/s
Removable shelf runners
Advanced cooling system
Balanced oven door
Catalytic venting system
Control panel key lock
Non-tip shelves
Audio feedback
Automatic cooking/minute timer
Automatic pre-set temperatures
Behind glass capacitive touch buttons
Electronic clock
Fahrenheit/Celsius Temperature
Interior light 2 x 50W (halogen)
Precise electronic temperature control
Sabbath mode
Turned stainless dials with illuminated halos
Turned stainlesss capacitive touch buttons with illuminated halos
Flat brushed baking tray 1
Flat wire shelf 1
Full extension sliding shelves 2
Meat probe
Roasting dish and grill rack set 1
Rotisserie set Optional
Rotisserie set (optional) 1
Smokeless grill tray 1
Step down wire shelf 1
Telescopic sliding runners 2
Warranty 2 years
AMP draw  
AMP draw 15.5A
Shelf positions 6
Total capacity 90L
Usable capacity 77L


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