Robam April May 2021 Promotion

April - May 2021 Promotion

Promotion Dates: 01/04/2021 – 31/05/2021


Participating Rangehood Models

ornado A818 ($400 OFF)

Sketch MkII A815 ($300 OFF)

Glider 600mm A608 ($200 OFF)

Pixie A605 ($200 OFF)


Please Note: A608 can also be changed to 750mm and 900mm with an additional glass top (Purchased separately $50)


Participating Cooktop Models

B510 (900mm) ($300 OFF)

B310 (900mm) ($300 OFF)

B410 (600mm) ($200 OFF)


Participating Steam Oven Model (Built In)

S106 ($300 OFF)


Participating Electric Oven Model (Built In)

R306 ($300 OFF)


Participating Combi Oven Model (Built In)

CQ751 ($500 OFF)


All Products In Stock except for W651S (Dishwasher, Silver)


There are no products matching the selection.