Solar Whiz Solar Roof Ventilation

Solar Whiz: Solar Roof Ventilation Whirlybird Alternative

Solar Whiz Residential Product Install The Solar Whiz is an effective and powerful solar powered roof ventilation exhaust fan. 
 The Solar Whiz whirlybird alternative is perfect for cooling your home in summer and reducing moisture and condensation in winter.  
 Solar roof ventilation has $0 running costs and can save you even more, as you don’t have to run your air conditioner all day in summer.

 The Solar Whiz can completely replace any traditional whirlybirds you have on your home.

 The solar panel powers an exhaust fan that actively pumps hot air out of your roof up to 21 times faster than a conventional whirly bird. The Solar Whiz exhaust fan is far more effective at cooling your home than whirlybirds. Solar Whiz roof ventilation exhaust fans operate fully without mains electricity to keep your home cooler, dryer and fresher all year long.

  There are a few different models of the Solar Whiz available, depending on the size of your home. Models range from the smallest
  the SW-RAF700 to SW-RAF900, SW-RAF1400 and the largest residential model the SW-RAF2100.Solar Whiz Product Roof VentFor Home Ventilation

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How Do Solar Whiz Exhaust Fans Work?

 Solar Whiz How It Works Diagram

Did you know that your roof space can easily reach up to 60°C – 70°C in summer!? The Solar Whiz uses solar power to actively extract the hot air out of your ceiling, replacing it with cooler, fresh air. Our roof ventilation unit and exhaust fan will help reduce heat build up in your roof space and prevent heat from entering your living space via the ceiling (even if your ceiling is insulated). This results in a more comfortable home temperature and reduces the need of you using costly air conditioning systems.

For effective roof ventilation replacement air must be accessible. The Solar Whiz usually gets cool replacement air Solar Whiz Under Eaves Installationfrom eave vents, ceiling vents or ducting. For more visuals on how solar roof ventilation works, check out the Solar Whiz Animations page. Installing a roof ventilation system is a simple and efficient method of reducing the temperature of your roof cavity, keeping your home more comfortable and reducing cooling costs.

In winter, when the weather is cooler, you may want to keep heat in your roof space to help keep your home warm – unless you want to address a moisture/damp issue in your roof or your house. In this way the Solar Whiz roof ventilation unit in winter can keep condensation and moisture build up in your roof space down.

Unlike whirlybirds that run all year long, the Solar Whiz can be mounted with an adjustable thermostat. The thermostat can be set at a temperature that matches your specific requirements and will stop the Solar Whiz from running when the roof space reaches that temperature.

Benefits & Advantages of the Solar Whiz

  • Running Costs - No ongoing running costs once installed

  • Payback – Could have a payback period of as little as 2 years if you use ducted air conditioning

  • Ambient Temperatures – Could reduce roof cavity temperatures by approx. 30C eg. From 65C to 35C

  • Efficiency - Up to 21 times more efficient than a Whirly Bird.

  •  Air Transfer - Could replace up to 2,100m3 of air per hour eg. In a room with cathedral ceilings. However, air flows in roof spaces will normally be much less due to resistance. Our recommendations are based on experience rather than theoretical air flow.

  • Cost Efficient - Low cost alternative.

  • Thermostat - A thermostat can be included to prevent the Solar Whiz from running when not required.

  • Simple Installation - Approx. 4 hours by a qualified installer (for a complete system).


Solar Whiz Brochure Download

Solar Whiz Brochure Download