Hydronic Heating

What is Hydronic Heating?

Hydronic heating is simply installing pipes so hot water in the pipes can heat your home.

A more detailed explanation of Hydronic Heating is the circulation of heated water through a closed loop system of pipes and appliances that use natural convection and radiant heat to warm a room or area.

The advantages of Hydronic Heating over gas ducted fan forced systems are:

  • there is no air being blown around
  • there are no airborne particles and allergens being blown around
  • ideal for medical conditions such as asthma
  • cheaper to run than traditional gas ducted heating 

The key features of hydronic heating systems:

  • a total enveloping comfortable warmth through your home
  • it doesn’t dry out the air
  • eliminates draughts or cold spots
  • a constant even temperature
  • cost effective

It is widely recognised that hydronic heating is far more energy efficient than traditional gas ducted heating , so with the right design and equipment you can save on the annually running costs of heating your home. 

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Hydronic Heating FAQ

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Different Types of Hydronic Heating Products

There are number of different hydronic products and styles of appliances that can be incorporated into the design of a hydronic system.

Depending on a particular project it may need only one of these and for others a combination of products.

Designing your system to your specific situation is something our experienced hydronic team is able to advise you on.  We deal with each design on a project by project basis, taking into account the standard of finish desired by the clients. 

The Camberwell Electrics Hydronic team has access to a broad range of products and brands mainly from Europe.

This means that we can mix and match to obtain the optimal result for our clients. 

Underfloor in-slab or in-screed

Many will have heard of the invisible underfloor heating where pipes are laid into the structural slab  of the building prior to pouring of the slab.

Hydronic Heating Underfloor Components 1

This method is still used but the in-screed method is growing in popularity as it is more efficient  and more responsive to fluctuations to the outdoor temperature making it more suitable for the Australian climate.

Standard Radiators

These are normally white and made from steel with hundreds of sizing and heat output options.
They are cheapest form of appliance to deliver heat into the room or area.

Designer Radiators

Like the standard radiators there are many options for those looking for something more than white.
There are those that look more like a piece of artwork than a heating appliance 

Towel Rails/Warmers

As the name suggests these are designed for wet or drying areas and come in a range of styles and some can be dual fuel. 
This means they have an electric element in them which can be used during the summer period when the hydronic heating system is in hibernation.Hydronic Heating Radiator Examples 2

Trench Convectors

These were developed and designed to go into the sub-floor space or slab where the available wall space for a traditional wall hung radiator and the like was limited and more heat was needed in the area. 

Hydronic Heating Trench Convertor


This product is designed to replace your skirting boards.  It is only around 22mm thick and provides a true radiant heat.  There a number of profiles to suit the house style and character.

ThermaSkirt - The World's Smartest Heating System

ThermaSkirt - An Installation Overview

Click here to Download ThermaSkirt PDF Sample Style Brochure

Hydronic Heating Product Samples at our showroom at Camberwell Electrics. 

Call us (1300 882 257) to make a time to bring in your house plans and we can discuss the best design to suit your heating requirements.  

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Hydronic Heating Product Samples Hydronic Heating Radiator Examples 2a


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Need more information on Hydronic Heating?

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