Camberwell Electrics Heating & Cooling Product Specialist Team

 Use the online booking form below for you to book in a time with one of our expert Heatring & Cooling Product Specialists. 

 Book a time that suits you, plan your day, know that a specialist is going to be waiting in our design centre to help you.

 The Team have several different brands and over 40 different models to assist you make the right product choice for your  situation.

 * General product overview of what's available allow 30mins

 * In depth project planning or full product comparison overview (bring in your design plans) - allow 60mins 

 For large projects, after product selection, you can then arrange a time for a free onsite consultation for your project.

 Book an appointment with Camberwell Electrics using SetMore

 Visit our Heating & Cooling Design Advisory Centre or call one of the team to ask for advice (03) 9835 4343 or (03) 9809 2222 


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