Bio Ethanol Fire Places

Bio Ethanol Fire Places

The Planika Story -    Bio Ethanol Fire Places

Have you ever encountered limitations that made it impossible to install a fireplace in the interior you designed?

For example, there was no chimney, gas connection or the room was just too small?

Planika have a solution that will end your design problems once and for all!    Automatic ethanol fireplaces with the patented technology of burning ethanol vapors can be implemented into any project, at any stage.

The Planika Bio Ethanol unique fireplaces don't require any flue connection, ventilation systems or piping.
You can control the fire with your smartphone, home automation system or a remote.

With Planika Bio Ethanol fireplaces (indoor or outdoor) you can create the fireplace of your dreams.

Multiple safety features, refilling automation and sensors make their devices the safest fireplaces in the world!

There’s something magical about a watching a fire buring. 

The flickering movement of the flame drawing the eye and entrancing the mind. Planika takes flame to the next level with their innovations surrounding ‘intelligent fire’. Using the most modern technologies, products created by Planika can provide natural flames anywhere, leaving little wonder as to why they are the leader in fireplaces.

With their range of bioethanol fireplaces, firepits and firetables, Planika always strives to bring fresh, new approaches to the table. This outlook and constant development led to the creation of Planika’s BEV Technology (Burning Ethanol Vapours), which uses gaseous ethanol to light the burners, as opposed to direct fuel-on-flame contact.

Through the use of the burning ethanol vapours, Planika fireplaces produce no smell, no smoke, no ash, and feature a clean combustion process. The cleaner combustion is attributed to the precise and high-quality construction of the fireplace, reducing the available burning surface and supplying an abundance of oxygen.

To maintain an aesthetically-pleasing flame appearance, the Combustion Area has been designed to deliver an even and consistent flame with no disruptions in the fireline. The bioethanol fireplaces from Planika feature smart control, with adjustable flame heights and temperatures allowing you to ‘stoke’ your fire with a smartphone app.

Planika fireplaces are designed, from conception to construction, to be precise and safe, filling your home or outdoor areas with mesmerising, natural flame. It’s no surprise that Planika products are sold in over 80 countries with commercial designs featured in the Marriott and Hilton hotels. 

Come in store to our showroom at Camberwell Electrics and we can demonstrate our working model of the Planika Bio-Ethanol Fireplace

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