How To Pay

Simply add the items you wish to purchase to your “Cart” and proceed to “check-out” to register and complete all the information requested.

These details are required for security purposes, not only to protect you but also to ensure that all the information supplied including the delivery address is correct.

When we receive your order we will phone you to confirm all details.

Identity Check
PLEASE NOTE: No payment is taken until we have rung you and verified the stock availability of your order and have confirmed your identity.  
Because online fraud is an increasing problem, to protect our customers, please try and provide two forms of phone identification on your order (eg. landline, mobile number, work number, parent's number).  
As we take your credit card security very seriously, these measures are to prevent your credit card from being used if you have lost it and are not aware of it yet. 
We will try our best to contact you and verify your identity using these two forms of identification.
We will then send to you via email all the relevant information. 

Goods & services ordered will be delivered when the total invoice amount has been paid and clearance of payment by PayPal, EFT, or credit card authorisation approved.

Credit Cards 
We accept Visa (No Surcharge), MasterCard (No Surcharge) and American Express (2% Surcharge). 
In most situations, we do not charge your credit card until the goods are ready for dispatch.    
If the order is a "Supply Direct Delivery" we will check the supplier for stock on hand and process full payment before the order is placed with the supplier. does not accept non-Australian credit cards but we do accept payment from international customers via Electronic Funds Transfer.

If you choose to pay by Electronic Funds Transfer, the details of our Bank Account will be sent to you with our invoice.
Once you have paid via EFT, please send us an email so we can notify the admin team. 
Please allow 2-3 days for funds to clear once you have sent us an email notification of payment

Once the funds have cleared your goods will be dispatched to your nominated delivery address. 

These payment options are also available.
PayPal payment funds are NOT taken until we have verified the stock availability of your order and have confirmed your identity.