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ILVE History & Origins

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ILVE - A Company with a rich A RICH HERITAGE

With over 60 years of heritage the ILVE brand is dedicated to bringing it’s unique brand of Italian hand craftsmanship to the passionate home and professional cooks of Australia.

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ILVE founded in Campodarsego, near Venice, by two Italian friends, Mr Illotti and Mr Berno.

Using their manufacturing skills they develop commercial quality cookers for local restaurants as a way of indulging their passion for fine food.



Illotti and Berno acknowledge growing local interest by 
creating a range of unique cookers designed for domestic use.


With exquisite handcrafting ILVE begins production of unique country style ovens, 
creating the Nostalgie range which embodies the essence of ILVE today.


Using exquisite handcrafting skills ILVE begins production of unique 
country style ovens, the essence of ILVE Nostalgie range today.



Illotti and Berno pass ownership to their sons, who still run the company
today and maintain ILVE's 100% family owned status.


ILVE arrives ‘down under’ introducing unique European style 
and un-matched quality to Australian homes for the first time.



ILVE becomes an established brand nationally in Australia 
and is now known as a niche brand specialising in Hand Made cooking appliances.


ILVE develop a range of built-in appliances, acknowledging 
consumer trends both in Australia and the world.


ILVE launch their impressive Majestic range which becomes 
the new benchmark for quality kitchen appliances design.



ILVE’s chief designer is so inspired by a visit to a Tepanyaki restaurant in Sydney 
that on the airplane home he drafts the design for what becomes the 
World’s first “Fry Top” - a cooktop with a built stainless steel hotplate.

Now famously known as ILVE’s Tepanyaki plate.


All ILVE electric ovens earn European Energy “A Class” ratings.


ILVE launch the ‘Quadra’ range featuring:

  • Cool Touch doors
  • Quickstart mode
  • a host of energy saving features
  • an extensive range of sizes and cooktop configurations


Despite intense Global Finance pressure that the rest of the world are under, 
ILVE continues to assemble their comprehensive range of products by hand, 
manufacture their own components and employ over 300 specially trained craftsmen.


ILVE creates the ‘next generation’ of appliances including Induction cooktops, 
‘True Pizza’, Pyrolytic and Steam ovens, and the new ‘45’ series built-in range.


ILVE redesigns it’s Quadra series and expands the options available, 
including the offer of Gloss Black and Bright White colour options as standard.



In a market first, ILVE releases it’s new 100cm Freestanding cooker with 
Electric oven and integrated Combination Microwave oven.