KitchenAid Shock Freezer Built-in Stainless Steel - KCBSX 60600


KitchenAid Shock Freezer Built-in Stainless Steel - KCBSX 60600

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Model: KCBSX 60600
Brand: KitchenAid
Colour: Stainless Steel
Manufacturer's Warranty: 5 Years

Shock Freezer Built-in Stainless Steel by KitchenAid


  • "Hard" Blast chilling
  • "Soft" Blast chilling
  • Fast freezing
  • Drinks cooling


  • Time operation mode
  • Temperature operation
  • mode End-of-cycle signal

Shock Freezer

Freeze your flavours in time

The Shock Freezer is a must for all passionate makers. It allows you to chill or freeze food in just minutes, transforming water content into microcrystals without altering the organic structure. This way the food retains its nutrients.

Hard Blast Chilling

This cycle rapidly reduces the core temperature of oven-hot cooked food, taking it to +3°C in less than 90 minutes. This function is perfect for cooling meat, lasagne and soup. At the end of the blast chilling cycle, the device goes into storage mode while maintaining a temperature inside the chamber of between +3°C and +4°C.

Soft Blast Chilling

The cycle gradually reduces the core temperature of oven-hot cooked food, taking it to +3°C in les than 90 minutes. This cycle has the same settings as the "Hard" cycle but is recommended for delicate foods such as creams and pastry.

Fast Freezing

The cycle rapidly reduces the core temperature of food to -18°C in less than 270 minutes. The rapid freezing cycle can be carried out in "time" or "core probe" mode. At the end of the freezing cycle, the device goes into storage mode while maintaining a temperature inside the chamber of -35°C.

Chef touch: a 3-in-1 sous-vide cooking system

Better, healtier cuisine

Chef Touch system features a Vacuum Machine for preserving food with the sous-vide technique, a Steam Oven and a Shock Freezer for rapid chilling and freezing.


Blast chilling reduces the temperature of oven-hot food to 3 °C, the same temperature as your fridge, in less than 90 minutes. Shock freezing lowers the food’s core temperature to -18 °C so that you are free to freeze even the most delicate dishes.

It is also ideal for helping prepare delicate dishes, such as panna cotta, gazpacho and Italian semifreddo desserts, and even for chilling drinks. This is one of three products that make up the exclusive KitchenAid sous-vide cooking system: Chef Touch.

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Number of wire racks 1
Energy Class N
Gas Type R404a
Absorption (A) 3.6
Volume (L) 41
Product Size HxWxD (mm) 595 x 595 x 632
Packed Size HxWxD (mm) 775 x 660 x 685
Max Niche Size HxWxD (mm) 575 x 560 x 560
Net Weight (Kg) 54
Gross Weight (Kg) 60
Temperature probe
1 Rack
Touch with white display
PrintShield - Easy to Clean
Volume 41 L
Power connection: 736 W

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