Melbourne Home Design + Living

Melbourne Home Design + Living

As Melbourne’s leading home magazine, Melbourne Home Design + Living showcases the latest news and projects from renowned builders, architects, designers, and suppliers Victoria-wide.

With each issue specifically catered to the every changing design and lifestyle trends of both inner-city Melbourne and greater Victoria, new publications are printed twice per year to accurately reflect these developments in Australian home design.
Packed with informative feature articles and driven by innovative editorial content, Melbourne Home Design + Living keeps you up to date with the latest designs and technology trends to create your idyllic abode or improve the functionality of your existing home.
Explore every aspect of the construction industry, with a plethora of professional building, interior design and landscaping advice from industry leaders, as well as a comprehensive directory of local and national businesses.
Within these pages, you’ll find a QR code along with the contact details of each business, directing you to additional online content and supplier websites. Stay up to date with the ins and outs of local professionals in the industry news section, explore in-depth interviews with industry pioneers and experts, or dive into specific projects from a variety of builders and designers.

Melbourne Home Design + Living is tailored to a wealth of readers, including first-home buyers, people new to the market, those looking to renovate and re-sell, or the seasoned investor on the hunt for their next project.

Whether you’re planning to embark on a new build, remodel your interiors or landscape a tired outdoor space, you’ll be sure to find all the inspiration you need to undertake the next renovation or building project of your dreams.

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Melbourne Pool + Outdoor Design

Melbourne Pool + Outdoor Design magazine appeals to the niche market of pool and outdoor design enthusiasts.

With a vast array of Victoria’s top pool designers, builders, and landscape artists, as well as the latest in technology, materials and services, Melbourne Pool + Outdoor Design proves to be the leader in its industry.

With biannual publications encompassing Melbourne’s latest outdoor design trends, Melbourne Pool + Outdoor Design is dedicated to bringing you the most relevant and focussed information to help enliven your outdoor oasis. Industry partners include the Swimming Pool & Spa Association (SPASA), and Melbourne Pool + Outdoor Design is dedicated to connecting many of the talented members of these organisations with readers.

From discussions of the increasing social focus on sustainability and the latest energy- and time-saying technology, to a deep-dive into the latest trends and the benefits of different finishing options and materials, you’re sure to find a relevant and innovative feature article to give you invaluable insight and inspiration for your upcoming projects. Additionally, the latest news straight from industry experts and leading companies ensures that you will have the most up-to-date and relevant information at every turn.

New, stunning projects are uploaded online regularly, showcasing the latest from these talented builders and designers. Access the most recent offerings, as well as a plethora of past projects, with the click of a button.

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Melbourne Home Kitchen + Bathroom Design

Melbourne Kitchen + Bathroom Design magazine features the latest projects, services, solutions and innovative products from Victoria’s leading designers and suppliers.

With two publications released every year, each issue is tailored to reflect the ever-changing trends in kitchen and bathroom design across Melbourne, and greater Victoria. 

The kitchen is the true heart of any home and in recent years, the bathroom has evolved into a space of restrained style and relaxation. Melbourne Kitchen + Bathroom Design gives these spaces the careful consideration they deserve, offering readers a wealth of inspiration and a detailed directory of businesses to help bring their idyllic designs to life. 

Explore the latest news from local professionals, including recent accolades, exciting collaborations, revamped showrooms, and impressive new products. Dive into recent projects from the state’s industry leaders, with a dynamic range of modern, Hamptons, classic, French Provincial, galley and industrial-style designs that are sure to spark ideas for your next kitchen build or renovation. Awash with natural stone and timber, recycled elements, muted shades and vibrant colour palettes, there’s a design or product to satisfy every prospective and existing homeowner.

Many featured projects are finalists and winners of Australia’s most prestigious accolades, including the Kitchen & Bathroom Design Institute (KBDi) Awards, the Housing Industry Association (HIA) Kitchen & Bathroom Awards, and the Australian Cabinet & Furniture Association (ACFA). Within these pages, you will also find a QR code along with the contact details of each business, directing you to additional online content and supplier websites.

Peruse feature articles for the year’s most eclectic trends and in-depth interviews and discussions with professional experts. Of course, no kitchen is complete without a few staple recipes on hand, and Melbourne Kitchen + Bathroom Design magazine has you covered. In each issue you will find a new selection of diverse recipes from some of Australia’s most renowned chefs.

Melbourne Kitchen + Bathroom Design magazine gives readers the opportunity to conceptualise their dream kitchen or bathroom, as well as the practical means to bring these blueprints to life.

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