Sale Mitsubishi Electric 2.5kW MFZ-KJ Series Console Split Systems Air Conditioners MSZKJ25VE

Mitsubishi Electric 2.5kW MFZ-KJ Series Console Split Systems Air Conditioners MSZKJ25VE

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Mitsubishi Electric 2.5kW MFZ-KJ Series Console Split Systems Air Conditioners MSZKJ25VE

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Model: MSZKJ25VE
Brand: Mitsubishi Electric
Colour: White
Manufacturer's Warranty: 5 Years Labour, Parts & Compressor
Air Purification:N/A
Cooling kW:5.0-5.9kW
Heating kW:4.0kW
Type:Air Conditioner

2.5kW MFZ-KJ Series Console Split Systems Air Conditioners by Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric MFZ-KJ Series floor model air conditioners are designed for stylish, unobtrusive wall-attached installation at floor level. They are an ideal solution when wall space is at a premium.

The removable base allows the indoor unit to be recessed into your wall. This dramatically reduces the depth of the indoor unit by one third, from 215mm to 145mm. This makes them perfect for inconspicuous floor-mounted heating - or for new buildings and renovation projects.

More natural and comfortable airflow is created throughout the room by the auto swing vane. Plus, the lightweight, compact design makes installation so much easier.

 Sleek, sophisticated design

Mitsubishi Electric Floor Consoles feature clean, sharp lines - creating streamlined, modern floor mounted heating. The removable base allows the units to be recessed into your wall, significantly reducing the depth of the indoor unit (by 33%).

 Multi vane flow – even heat distribution

The multi vane flow function blows warm air in both an upward and downward direction, providing even and effective heating whilst also eliminating draughts. This is achieved via three uniquely shaped vanes designed for better airflow control. So you can customise airflow to your preference.

 Whisper quiet operation

From just 19dBA* this range offers total comfort while performing with whisper quiet efficiency. This is achieved through the use of a larger fan motor that not only enables the unit to be quiet, reducing the noise level by 23% compared to other floor consoles, but also increases its efficiency when heating your home.

The MFZ-KJ25 and MFZ-KJ35 models register at just 19dBA indoor sound on their lowest fan speed.


  • Heating & Cooling
  • Inverter Technology
  • Only 19dB (KJ 25/35)
  • Econo Cool
  • Nano Platinum Filter
  • Horizontal Auto Vane
  • Horizontal Swing
  • Pure White
  • Built-In Weekly Timer
  • 24 Hour Timer
  • Auto Restart
  • Guaranteed Operating Range
  • Cooling at -10°C ~ 46°C
  • Heating at -15°C ~ 24°C
  • Error Logs
  • Vertical Airflow
  • Easy Installation (with leveling plate)
  • Emergency Operation Switch
  • Anti-Allergy Enzyme Filter

MFZ-KJ-VE Reverse Cycle Inverter

  • Floor mounted
  • Compact size (750 mm width x 600 mm height x 215 mm depth)
  • Multi-flow Vane
  • Excellent energy-saving performance
  • Catechin & anti-allergy enzyme filters for cleaner and healthier air
  • Quiet operation
  • 5 year warranty

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Model Name MFZ-KJ25VE
Indoor Unit MFZ-KJ25VE
Outdoor Unit MUFZ-KJ25VE
Power Supply [V, Phase, Hz] 230V, Single, 50Hz, Outdoor unit power supply
Capacity [Min-Rated-Max] kW 0.5 - 2.5 - 3.4
Total Input [Min-Rated-Max] kW 0.15 - 0.54 - 0.91
AEER/EER 4.62 / 4.63
Star Rating 5
Running Current [Rated] 2.7
Sound Pressure Level
IN [Quiet-SHi*] dB(A) 20 - 39
OUT (SPL/PWL) dB(A) 46 / 59
Air Volume (IN) [Quiet-SHi*]  65 - 82 - 98 - 118 - 137
Capacity [Min-Rated-Max] kW 1.2 - 3.4 - 4.6
Total Input [Min-Rated-Max] kW 0.36 - 0.77 - 1.4
AEER/EER 4.41 / 4.42
Star Rating 4
Running Current [Rated] 3.7
Sound Pressure Level
IN [Quiet-SHi*] dB(A) 19 - 41
OUT (SPL/PWL) dB(A) 51 / 62
Air Volume (IN) [Quiet-SHi*]  65 - 85 - 103 - 128 - 162
Starting Current (A) 3.6
Max. Running Current (A) 9.4
Indoor Unit
Input [Rated] Cooling/Heating (W) 13 / 16
Dimensions [HxWxD]mm 600 x 750 x 215
Weight Kg 15
Outdoor Unit
Dimensions [HxWxD]mm 550 x 800 x 285
Weight Kg 37
Breaker Size(A) 10
Ext. Piping
Diameter (Gas/Liquid)mm 9.52 / 6.35
Max. Length/Height(m) 20 / 12
Guaranteed Operating Range [Outdoor]
Cooling  10 ~ 46
Heating 15 ~ 24

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