POLO 2000 Watt Convection Panel Heater No Timer - C200


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POLO C200 2000 Watt Convection Panel Heater No Timer

  • Model Number: C200
  • Brand: Polo
  • Colour: White
  • Manufacturer's Warranty: 7 year
  • Type: Heater
  • Designed in Australia of robust construction

  • Economical to run with fan free efficiency and no wasted energy

  • Healthy – No fumes, no oxygen burn

  • Two separate safety cutout switches – one each for over temperature and knock over (tilt switch)

  • Totally silent, one piece Swedish element

  • Convenient, top mounted lockable controls (set room temperature in degrees)

  • Suitable for use in bathrooms (IP24)

  • Power plug and lead can be installed out of sight behind heater

  • Seven (7) year replacement warranty

  • Digital clock and timer programs permanently displayed (timer models only)

  • Wall bracket included – optional feet with castors available

Why heat the entire house? It does not make good economic sense when the family is together in just one room. POLO panel heaters are space heaters designed to provide comfort to a room or area. The smaller the room the less energy required to heat it and the lower the running costs.

These heaters work best and operate economically in well insulated homes with ceiling insulation being essential. The installation of wall insulation, lined curtains and floor coverings (eg carpet) will also result in lower running costs.

After an initial warm up, when the set temperature is reached, the heater will cycle on the thermostat economically maintaining the set temperature. This cycling can result in power savings of up to 50%. To achieve this, doors and openings leading from
the area to be heated must remain closed.

It is important that the heater be sized correctly so that cycling on the thermostat occurs. For economical running it is recommended that the thermostat be set around 18-20 degrees Celsius on the dial

POLO C Heater What Size Do I Need For My Room?


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