Robam 15 P/S Freestanding Stainless Steel Dishwasher WQP15-W651S


Robam 15 P/S Freestanding Stainless Steel Dishwasher WQP15-W651S

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Model: WQP15-W651S
Brand: Robam
Colour: Stainless Steel

Robam 15 P/S Freestanding Stainless Steel Dishwasher

Wash the tableware rapidly after each meal rather than leave them unwashed in piles

After dinner, use the dishwasher to wash the tableware. However, although the tableware no longer needs to be washed by hand, their washing by the dishwasher is still time-consuming. ROBAM 14 min quick washing can help you wash the tableware within the time you are applying a facial mask.

Powerful washing, special design, shuttle-shaped spray arm, so every corner of the cavity of the dishwasher can be reached by water, allow it to easily wash all kinds of oily tableware.

  • Low noise and energy saving for a clean life
  • BLDC variable frequency motor
  • 42dB low noise

It adopts DC brushless motor, so there are no frictional parts inside and no bearing, and therefore the noise is as low as 42dB. Quiet light washing will not disturb your daily life.

  • 30% faster washing

The variable frequency motor can increase the water temperature and adjust the water pressure and rotation speed according to the different procedures, so as to precisely adjust the washing speed of the dishwasher.

  • A service life of over 10 years

The variable frequency motor adopts high-quality original parts and fine mechanical technology, therefore has a service life of more than

  • 10 years. While Other ordinary dishwashers generally have a service life of about 5-6 years.
  • 5-star water consumption, being more water saving

The annual water saving is 11972 L, which saves 73% water compared with hand washing

  • Strengthened drying for a complete sterilization
  • Triple(3 stages) drying system, clean and sterile
  • 8 all-round washing modes
  • Solve all post- after dinner problems
  • Bacterial Eliminating Rate 99.9%
  • Mini quick washing

Suitable for 4 sets of lightly greased tableware, and wash the tableware within the time of making a cup of coffee

  • Quick washing

Quickly wash the lightly oily tableware, provide enough clean tableware for the afternoon tea and refreshments

  • 50 mins washing

Wash the lightly oily tableware in 50 min, which allows the tableware of a family of three to be washed thoroughly

  • Automatic lightly oily grease tableware washing

Automatically wash lightly oily tableware, provide enough clean tableware for western food

  • Automatic heavily oily grease tableware washing

Automatically wash heavily oily tableware, and tableware for beef tallow hot pot can be easily cleaned

  • Mixed washing

Wash lightly and heavily oily tableware, and tableware for both bland and oily food can be thoroughly washed

  • Baby care washing

Effective sterilization with continuous high temperature, providing care for the baby’s delicate stomach

  • Energy-saving washing

Standard washing mode, off-peak dishwashing helps you save energy

  • Residual temperature drying

Basic residual temperature drying

  • Fan drying
  • Special fan drying, leaving no peculiar smell
  • Strengthened drying
  • Press one key to strengthen drying with super sterilization
  • Considerate details
  • Provide you with convenience
  • Top dishrack(basket)
  • For modular adjustment
  • Once-time molded(Integrated molding) stainless steel
  • Stamping cavity
  • Hidden
  • Operating screen
  • Half load Independent upper and lower washing
  • Child lock
  • 24H smart appointment (reservation)
  • Super(big) volume of 15 sets
  • No worry when having a big party
  • Large space and layered washing by zones
  • Start a full load for much tableware and a half load for less tableware
  • Large storage capacity
  • Easily accommodate all kinds of tableware, and can wash dishes and pots
  • Control(use) your space as you like
  • Either use the dishwasher as a built-in one or a free-standing one

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Finish Colour Stainless Steel
Water Star Rating 5 Stars
Power Star Rating 4 Stars
Place Setting Capacity 15 P/S
Noise Level 42dB
Electrical Connection 10A Plug & Lead
Interior Type Stainless Steel
Water Inlets Cold Only
Net Weight 56kg
Product Size(HxWxD) 845x598x598mm
Box Size(HxWxD) 890x660x680mm
Preset Programs 8

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